Kego Mining Loader

DOOSAN DL420A Thank you Kego Mining for investing in a brand new DOOSAN DL420A! Exceptional power combined with the finest workmanship results in a machine that will perform at the highest level. The DL420A enhances your output from every angle.

African Coal Trading

DL420A Wheel Loader Thank you Ryno for the safe delivery of this DL420A Wheel Loader to its brand new owner. We are proud to announce that African Coal Trading is the owner of a brand new DOOSAN DL420A Front end loader. We would like to congratulate our customer on the purchase of their DOOSAN machine…

Skillful Investments- DL300A

DOOSAN DL300A We would like thank Skillful Investments Forst for choosing our Doosan DL300A wheel loader as part of their fleet. Climb into a modern machine with the DOOSAN DL300A wheel loader. Doosan has had great concern for machine operators. People need to work in a well-designed and comfortable environment. The work area is spacious,…

Spring Forest Trading

DX220LCA-2 Once you’ve experienced a DOOSAN you will never go back! Spring Forest Trading is now the proud owners of 4 DOOSAN units. We would like to thank Gideon, DOOSAN representative, for his excellent service and the safe delivery of our customer’s brand new DOOSAN excavator. Count on us for all of your earthmoving equipment…

Rock Magic

DL200A loader ell done DOOSAN team! This DOOSAN DL200A was recently delivered to Rock Magic. Perfect integration of power and intelligence. When exceptional power is combined with the very best workmanship, the wheel loader reaches the peak of its performance. The DL200A loader gives you outstanding productivity. .

Hartrens Onderneming / Interstate Grondwerke

DX220LCA-2 Thanks to the DOOSAN team, Hartrens Onderneming / Interstate Grondwerke is now the proud owner of a brand new DOOSAN DX220LCA-2 excavator. The DX220LCA-2 delivers high productivity with outstanding fuel efficiency at a much more reasonable TCO (total cost of owning & operation) than others in the same class. Well done Ryno for the…

Jedd Civils

DOOSAN DX300LCA Thank you to Fanie for delivering this DOOSAN DX300LCA safely to its new home. We would like to congratulate Jedd Civils on their brand new machine. We know our machine will bring many years of productivity on site.


DOOSAN DL420A front end loader This DOOSAN DL420A front end loader was recently delivered to ACT-Mining. Congratulations on the purchase of you first DOOSAN machine, we know it won’t be the last. The DL420A is a machine that delivers a powerful, highly effective force, offering superior penetration of the hardest materials. The exceptional drawbar pull…

Rising Sun Scrap Metals

DOOSAN DX55-5B First time DOOSAN owners! Ryan Miller delivered this brand new DOOSAN DX55-5B to Rising Sun Scrap Metals in the Pietermaritzburg area. This machine is designed for long term heavy duty performance and can withstand the most extreme conditions.