Develon DX225LC-5 SLR

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Operating Weight(kg): 24,400
Bucket Capacity(m3): 0.45
Engine Power (kW): 124

Weight (kg): 24 400
Bucket Size (m³): 0.45
Digging Depth (m): 11.65

Engine Details:
Doosan DL06P
6 Cylinder Turbo Charged

Upper rollers: 2 (standard shoes)
Lower rollers: 8

Designed to deliver superior performance and fuel efficiency.

Hydraulic System
The e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System) is the brain of
the excavator – minimizing fuel consumption and optimizing the
efficiency of the hydraulic system for all working conditions.

Hydraulic Cylinder
High-strength steel piston rods and cylinder bodies.
Shock absorbing mechanism fitted in all cylinders for shock-free operation and extended piston life.