Develon SD300

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Operating Weight(kg): 17,000
Bucket Capacity(m3): 2.7
Engine Power (kW): 162

Weight (kg): 17,000
Bucket Size (m³): Std GP 2.7
Tyre Size: 23.5-25-16PR (Bias, Tube)

Engine Details:
Doosan WD10G220E23 (Tier II)
6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Direct injection

ZF Transmission
ZF Axles

Stronger breakout force and tractive force, reflecting excellent performance in a high-load working environment.
Ideal operating speed and 40ºsteering angle, sharply improving work efficiency.
Reasonable matched top-end technology, ensuring a more reliable, durable and efficient device.
Noise reduction technology in line with international standards, providing operator with physical and mental protection, while bolstering work efficiency.
Industry leading cooling system, offering a guarantee for continuous and uninterrupted work under high temperatures.
Streamlined appearance and wide operating room, representing an international brand style.